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I bust be scouted?

2010-03-30 19:53:24 by hh0718

I'm not asking someone to scout me, but I am wondering how long it takes after making your fourth submission?

I was going to post this but then I learned NO DOODLES. Darn.

I bust be scouted?

So it's out. Sun and Earth art.

2009-11-01 18:27:24 by hh0718

Yay! The very first thing I've ever submitted to Newgrounds is out, er, submitted! :D I hope people don't hate it... if you want to see it click Here

awesome comic! click this!

2009-11-01 15:20:38 by hh0718

okay so my internet is working... but not really. when i do anything on it my mouse cursor spazzes around the screen and when i type the screen...blinks. yeah wierd. also everything isnt working like it should. so I think that windows 7 should fix the problems of my computer. but i dunno. also i realized that drawing digitally with a tablet pc (yes a tablet pc not a tablet) and so now i think when this computer breaks i'll get a new normal laptop and a tablet. i think its much easier. i have a lot of things planned for the portal.... mwahahahahaha! i'ven also attached a drawing/comic i made. it's quite funny. i hope. on the left is the sun on the right is earh. see? now it's funny.

awesome comic! click this!

Art portal.

2009-10-25 18:14:11 by hh0718

Soon I shall be posting there...... once i get internet of course....

I wish i could draw....

2009-08-09 21:46:17 by hh0718

I am bored. I need to learn to draw so I can make some flash. if onlt there were some cartoon drawing tutorials... sigh.....